Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I attend one of the sub-challenge only?
Yes. You can decide to attend one sub-challenge or two of them.2. Can other data be used for training my model?
Yes. You can use addtional data for training your model.3. Can I use both train and validate data for learning my model?
For evaluating a method on the Test set, data from both, Train and Val can be used for learning the model.

4. Can I learn my model on both labeled train and unlabelled test data?

No, the datasets are subject independent, test data is supposed to be used for testing purposes only.

5. The data are recorded at two distances, close and far. Can you please share the details and also clarify if the evaluation will be based on “close and far” setting individually or together?

We will evaluate the performance on the testing data based on the “close and far” together.

6. What format of labels will be accepted for testing results submission?

The submission should be sent as a single zip that includes the name of your team, and the number of this attempt, e.g.

For the video challenge, the zip file should contain only one file: “test_video_prediction.txt”. For the image challenge, the zip file should contain only one file: “test_image_prediction.txt”