• The EasyChair paper submission system has been open. Please see the PDF version of CFP.
  •  Due to slow processing of the huge amount of the video dataset, we would like to extend the deadline for results submission to 22nd Jan. 2018 from 18th Jan. 2018. You can have maximum 8 attempts in total. For the paper submission, we would like to see all the possible methods. The paper acceptance will not rely on the submitted results. The ranking will be only published during the workshop.


  • Test data is available

  • The challenge database paper is available at:

  • HoMGR 2018 has been officially launched on 12th Nov. 2017. Welcome to participate (call for participants document is here)!
  • Sub-challenge 1

    Image based micro-gesture recognition

    Sub-challenge 2

    Video based micro-gesture recognition


    Ms. Yi Liu, Ms.Yona F.A. Gaus (Ph.D. Candidate)

    Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, Brunel University London, UK


    The challenge is sponsored by DIDRIVERS.